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Yoga and ioga


Yoga and ioga Yoga is an ancient vedic discipline that intend to put the chela (beginner) in a position that in lack of better words to desccribed the state of sat citta ananda we use the ones that follows,a state of cosmic stoked,an orgasm multiplied for 10.000.00. The yoga aim is to put the aspirant […]

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Praia da Areia Branca (Paradise on Earth)

 All In On Praia da Areia Branca (white sand beach) is placed right in the middle of the West Coastline of Portugal.It´s a typical surf village preserved from mass tourism and excessive crowds. The mixture of colors and smells between the two elements, earth and sea, gives a magic dimension to the breathtaking landscapes that […]

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Yoga For Surfers

Yoga for Surfers Aloha! Surfing and yoga are completely different disciplines, at least a priori so it seems.However, a deeper view shows us that the differences are not so many, and may eventually be complementary ways of life. Both integrate the practitioner in nature. Both surfing and yoga bring the practitioner to the present moment, […]

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Shala place for meditations and yoga

About us

I was "catched" by the art of riding waves when i was a young boy and Surfing in Portugal was at its beginning. At that time there wasn´t surf camps or surf schools, even to buy surfbords and wetsuits we had to wait that summer ends, when the surfers, mostly Australians camped with their vans in Peniche, were selling their material to return to their countries.

On the other side of the coin we grow up surfing empty line ups all over the Portuguese West Coast, magic days with perfect waves for all levels of surfing. Later i participated at some surf contests but it was the other side of surfing that was calling me and really makes me stoked; the lifestyle of travelling searching for perfect waves around the world, the same feeling that has brought you reading these lines. Those were the seeds that gave birth to the surf camp and the surf school, as for the name, West Coast Surf Camp, it became clear from the moment that I have decided turn into reality my old dream of teaching and sharing the surfing lifestyle on his soul roots.

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"Surfing it's like the mafia. Once you're in - your in. There's no getting out"

Kelly Slater

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